SMIT VIACCESS Professional CAM 8 channels


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SMIT Professional CAM  for 8 channels with VIACCESS encoding

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The SMIT PRO CAM enables professional head-ends to decode simultaneously several scrambled services (TV programs) with Conditional Access System VIACCESS. Inserted directly into the Integrated Receiver/Decoder (IRD) DVB-CI slot, the PRO CAM provides multi-descrambling features compliant with a 24/7 operating required environment to professional customers of digital TV.

  • La CAM es usada en equipos de cabecera, con la tarjeta de un operador autorizado, da acceso a múltiples programas de pago,soporta decodificación múltiple (profesional)
  • CAS integrado, producto certificado oficialmente
  • soporta MPEG-2/MPEG-4/SD/HD/3D
  • DVB-CI standard ISO/IEC EN50221
  • CI Plus specification v1.2 (CI Plus)
  • Ampliamente probada la compatibilidad con la mayoría de modelos de iDTV y STB


  • Plug and Play
  • CA Chipset Pairing (Advanced Secure)
  • CA Menu and Message
  • Multi-Language
  • Parental Control
  • Application MMI, MHEG-5 script using CI Plus Browser (CI Plus)
  • OTA software upgrade, DVB SSU compliant


  • SMIT 32-bit Secure SoC
  • Flash Size:4M Bytes
  • RAM Size: 384K Bytes
  • 64 PID/Section filters (Professional)
  • Multi services descrambling, up to 8 services descrambling (Professional)
  • TS process bandwidth: Up to 96Mbps
  • Common descrambling algorithm of DVB, DVB-CSA1/2/3

Physical & Electrical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: PCMCIA Type II
  • Smartcard reader, ISO7816 standard, Class A and Class B
  • CAS embedded, officially certified product
  • Operation voltage: 4.5V ~ 5.5V
  • Operation current: < 150mA
  • Power consumption: < 750mW

Security (Advanced Secure)

  • Secure OTP, unique chipset ID, unique secret key
  • Hardware DES, AES and Hash algorithm module
  • Copy Protection, CI Plus defined AES and DES encryption (CI Plus)
  • Secure Boot for content integrity verification and signature validation
  • Secure Loader for software upgrade, with encryption protection and signature validation
  • Control Word Encryption
  • JTAG interface protection
  • Secure PCB design, with BGA package chipset used