FURUKAWA NINJA NJ001 compact fiber optic melter


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The Furukawa Ninja Fitel fusing machine is a liner alignment fusing machine suitable for fibre to home (FTTH) installations.



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FURUKAWA NINJA NJ001 compact fiber optic melter

The Fitel Ninja fusing machine has ample space in the fusing enclosure for easy placement of the fibres. And if you have to work in the dark, its 3 LED lamps illuminate the workspace.


Liner Alignment Melter for SM (G.652), MM (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZD (G.655), FTTH (G.657) Fibers (G.652), MM (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZD (G.655), FTTH (G.657).

Japanese brand of great worldwide prestige, with more than 30 years in the market.

Technical service and repairs in Spain.


  • FTTH
  • HFC

Included as standard:

Complete kit includes S712T-010 Fixed Holders Configuration for 250um and 900um fibers, S326A precision cutter, triple hole fiber peeler, power supply and mains cable, 1 battery, pair of spare electrodes, electrode sharpener, cleaning brush, transport box, user manual.

Important Advantages:

  •     Dimensions (in mm): 139 width × 176 length × 71 height, fits in one hand
  •     Weight: 970 g including battery
  •     Resistance to falls, water, dust and wind, allowing you to work in difficult environments.
  •     Ample space in the melting chamber to place the fibres
  •     3 LED lamps to illuminate the fusion chamber
  •     Merges in 13 seconds
  •     Baked in 17 seconds, 31 seconds if you need to preheat
  •     The only one on the market with a removable v-groove for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  •     Electrodes with a capacity for up to 5,000 fusions (5 times more than other electrodes), which means long-term maintenance savings. No mirrors reducing dirt accumulation
  •     Supports fixed, removable and connector (SOC) holders
  •     Built-in long-life battery: 18 hours autonomy or up to 100 fusions (splice + bake)
  •     Stores images of the last 100 merges for documentation
  •     Simple interface to control merges, edit and export results
  •     Easy software update

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