OPTRAL-LSZH-2F – CAS FTTH – Kevlar + LSZH cover (1 tubes x 2 fibers)


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Drop cable for FTTH, indoor / outdoor, LSZH cover and aramid (Kevlar), ultra-flexible, low diameter and fireproof.

2 fiber cable (1 tubes x 2 fiber), G657.A2 fiber type, Ø 3.6mm, tensile strength 650 Newtons

external tube Ivory color

Small and light 500 meter reel, very easy to carry

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192,00 € VAT excl.

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Data sheet

FTTx Single Mode Fiber Optic CableMonotube Fiber Cable

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Anvimur Telecomunicaciones only supplies optical fibers manufactured in Europe, to offer its customers the highest quality assurance.

Type of installation

  • Direct connection in FTTH
  • Recommended for use in FTTH supply and distribution network for indoor vertical distribution, in wall ducts and communication areas.
  • indoor use
  • Moisture protected, high flexibility, flame retardant, low smoke and halogen free


  • LSZH cover (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) with aramid (Kevlar)
  • easy strip rubber tubes
  • Ultraflexible cable with low diameter. Easy handling and slitting , based on micro modules without gel. It supports low radius bending. Flame retardant materials that slow flame spread.

Total electromagnetic compatibility

  • The use of fully dielectric materials, allows electromagnetic compatibility with existing coaxial and power cables.


  • This solution can integrate seamlessly into a complete deployment of FTTH network and can be complemented with drop cables, Splitters, loose tube cable for trunk and access network, termination boxes, splice closures and patchcords.


  • Flexible / Dielectric / Direct connectorization.

NOTE: Different fiber types available upon request settings. Fiber according to the ITU-T recommendations. WB dry core and SZ wiring.


Dimensions and weights

TypeO.F per cableNum. tubes ActiveNum. tubes PasiveNum. of fibres per tubeNominal Diameter (mm)Nominal weight (Kg/Km)Tensile strength(N)Fibre type

Mechanical and Environmental tests according to IEC 60794-1-21 and IEC 60794-1-22.
Fibres colour code : 2 FO: Red – Green.

This fiber is supplied in a 500m reel whose dimensions and weight make it very easy to transport:

     Dimensions: 35x35x35 cm
     Weight: 8 Kg

* If you need other configurations, please contact our sales department