Anvimur Fiber optical closure up to 16 splices


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Box enclosure with 2 ports 12mm for up to 16 Fibers fusion splices, IP68 protection

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Fiber Optic DistributionDistribution box PLC Out/Ind
Splice closureVertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure

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Box splice enclosure with 2 ports for optical fibre, 12mm diameter up to 16 fibres

(Including Accesories and trays)

The scope of this enclosure is: wall, aerial, underground.

Great ease of installation and reopening, premium construction materials.

The supported temperature range are -40 to 65 ℃.

Características Técnicas:

Input/Output portsStorage capacity (single splicesSplice traysProtection Dimensions LxWxH (mm)

2 ports

Each Port for 1 cable with a max. 12 mm.

16F (1x16 splices)1 trays (16 splices each)IP68305x216x107

Dimensiones y capacidad:

External dimension305x216x107 (mm)
Weight (excluding packing box, kg)1.05 - 1.3
Number of inlet/outlet ports2 (puertos)
Diameter of optical loop cable (mm)Φ 12