Distribution Box up to 8 outputs


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Distribution Box, 3 Ports, 10-17,5 mm diameter, with a capacity to fit up to 8 splice fusions and 8 SC adaptors.

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Fiber Optic DistributionDistribution box PLC Out/Ind

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Distribution Box up to 8 outputs

Multifunctional box to work in fiber optic distributions or as termination box to provide service to users.

  • The material in this box is highly resistant to UV radiation and rainfalls, IP54 protection.
  • Indoor / outdoor application, is suitable for installation in pole and wall.
  • Its design allows easy installation of wiring and its reopening for maintenance.
  • It has 11 Ports and can host 8 SC adapters and 8 fiber fusions.

This box can host a 1x8 SC/APC Splitter or SC/APC 1x4 Splitter.

(Trays and accesories included)


ModelInput/output portsStorage capacity (single fusion)Splice traysPLC SplitterProtectionAdaptersDimensions LxWxH (mm)

11 ports

3 ports: Each port for 1 cable with a maximun of 12 mm.

8 ports: Each port for 1 cable with a maximun of 4 mm.

8F (1X8 splices)1 tray (8 splices each tray)It can host 1x4 and 1x8 splitterIP54

It can host 8 SC Adapters