Double Aerial steel Cable Tie, Ø 35mm + Ø 27mm


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Double Clamps for crossing streets and aerial lines with independent fastener

Capacity of primary clamp: Ø 35 mm

Capacity of secondary clamp Ø 27 mm

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AccessoriesCable ties and Anchor fixings

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A set of ties to suspend two distribution lines belonging to one previously mounted steel carrier, being fixed in the upper collar independently from the lines it supports. 

The lines can be of the same section or a different one. 

Ideal for street crossings, aerial lines, etc. 

Safe "buckle" fastening system 


Fastener: 6 a 12 mm 

1st line clamp 

Capacity: Ø 35 mm 

Braided cable: 3 x 50 + 1 x 54.6 to 3 x 70 + 1 x 54.6 

2nd line clamp 

Capacity: Ø 27 mm 

Braided cable: 3 x 25 + 1 x 16 to 3 x 50 + 1 x 25