PROLITE-11B Mini Visual Fault Locator


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Diseñado para identificar y seguir los cables sin dañar el aislamiento. También se puede utilizar en la comprobación de cortocircuitos. Hay un emisor y un receptor incluido en rastreador de cable.

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In building and house wiring, there is often the problem of knowing which cable leads to which connection and where the cable runs through, for example, by making a hole in the wall. With the cable identifier, it is possible to monitor and control the rope path or cable tracking on live lines without the need to damage insulation or break walls. An indispensable instrument.


1. Continuity of cables or wires.
2. Track cables or wires and diagnose the point of failure.
3. Receiving the tone signal on cables or wires (telephone line)
4. Determine the status of the working telephone line (clear, ring, busy)
5. Send a solid signal tone or dual alternation tone to object cables or wires
The package includes

The package include

  •     1 x Transmitter Cable
        1 x cable receiver
        1 x RJ11 cable
        1 x cable with crocodile clamp
        1 x instruction manual