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The 1700 Connection Kit is based on a set of 2 pre-paired and secured 1700 Adapters that ensure a wireless point-to-point connection at an ultra-high speed of 1700 Mbit/s. Simply connect a 1700 Adapter to your modem via an Ethernet port to get a high-speed fiber Internet connection, ADSL, VDSL in any room of your home.

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The Strong 1700 Duo Kit is the fastest and smallest WLAN on the market. Although it is the same exterior aesthetics of the Strong Wi-Fi 1600 Signal Extender, this kit contains two units for a point-to-point connection. But what stands out is its high speed, 1700 Mbit/s,. In addition we can also highlight the 1700 duo kit of Strong's range of extension, reaching a distance of 120 m². It is therefore a perfect product for any home or office. Expanding the WLAN network at a great distance and speed.

On the other hand, it can emit the signal in a dual way in the two frequency widths used: 5GHz and 2.4 GHz. It also managed to generate two Wi-Fi access points. It is undoubtedly a unique product on the market.

Features kit 1700 Duo by Strong

High performance

The 1700 Duo kit from Strong is equipped with the fastest and most modern technology on the market. The point-to-point connection of this kit reaches a very high speed of 1700 Mbit/s, something unique. It is also capable of expanding the signal to 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. It has a range of at least 120 m².

Configuración en 3 minutos

Setup in 3 minutes.

You can easily set up the 1700 Duo kit in 3 minutes. Plug & Play.

Fácil y rápida configuración. 3 minutos. Extensor de rango de STRONG

Streaming Ultra HD Viewing

This WLAN connection kit supports MIMO 4×4. Ensures stable connection and fast navigation speed. Allows you to play online or watch streaming in high definition.

Dos entradas Ethernet

Two Ethernet inputs

Each device has two 1Gb Ethernet ports.

El extensor de rango de Strong posee dos entradas de ethernet de 2Gb

Secure network

Its configuration is easy and secure. . This device allows you to maintain security on your home network

Máxima seguridad para tu red


Configuraciones del kit 1700 Duo de Strong

Strong 1700 Duo Kit 1700 Duo Specifications

Especificaciones del kit 1700 Duo de Strong

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