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AV-COFDM SD modulator & encoder.

Sends the signal from any audio/video source (security camera, SAT receiver ...) through the coaxial cable in DTTV format to be received in any TV as a channel more

Built-in MPEG-2 encoder

simple LCD interface, 12 V external power supply, web management

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Reception and ModulationModulator

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Digital Multimedia distribution within your home or multi-storey building.

576i, 480p, or 480i SD video and audio is sent and distributed through your home RF coaxial network to all TV sets in your home or Multi-storey Buildings, University Campus, Healthcare, Hospitality, Military installations, Digital Signage, etc.
SDShare RF output signal is easily combined with off-air digital TV programs.

  • CVBS SD input
  • YPBPR SD input
  • S-VIDEO SD input
  • MPEG-2 encoder DVB-T modulator
  • Remote control IR extender
  • web set-up

hdshare distribución TV digital

Typical applications:

  • Watch satellite TV programs in each home TV set, using a single receiver.
  • Watch HD films from your multimedia player in any or all your TV sets.
  • Place that noisy Home Theatre PC in another room, and enjoy true silence in your preferred sofa.

With a high quality modulator and MER better than 38 dB, the HDShare ensures no signal drop, not only in the most demanding in-house installations but also in MATV/CATV installations.

The signal is combined with the off-air digital TV antenna signal and distributed using the same coaxial cables which already reach each of your home TVs.
No additional cabling is required.