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Multiband amplifier with LTE filter and 3 inputs (UHF, BIII (DAB) and VHFI+FM) with 40dB gain.

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Amplification, Power and FiltersAmplifier Multiband

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SMB 420 multiband LTE amplifiers have been specially designed for use in SMATV systems for receiving analog and digital channels. Made of metal box, they work with latest development transistors. The result, products of small size and low power consumption, but characterized by a new line of design and a high output level.


  • For combination and balancing of the signals from 3 TV antennas
  • Protection and indication of DC overload
  • Built-in attenuators for every band
  • Switchable DC feeding for preamplifiers through all imputs and separate DC output via 2. 1/5.5 mm socket
  • built-in test point
  • metal-plastic housing


Ganancia VHF I + FM (47-108 Mhz)38 dB
Ganancia VHF III  (174-300 Mhz)38 dB
Ganancia UHF (470-790 Mhz)42 dB
Figura de ruido, típica<5 dB (VHF);<7dB (UHF)
Nivel máximo de salida IMO3=60 dB (DIN45004B)115 dBuV
Control de ganancia0 ± 20 dB
Pérdida de retorno> 10 dB
Consumo DC externa24V/0.1A
Consumo230 V/50Hz/9W
Temperatura de funcionamiento-20º ~ +50ºC
Dimensiones/Peso (caja)123x234x50mm/0.79 kg