Módulo Huawei SFP Eléctrico 1.25 Gbps



Módulo Huawei SFP  Eléctrico 1.25 Gbps, 100 m.


Referencia: FO-SFPHUAWEI

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GPONComplementos OLT´s

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Módulo Huawei SFP Eléctrico  1.25 Gbps

Módulo Huawei SFP eléctrico 1.25 Gbps,  RJ45, 100 m

Especificaciones Técnicas

GE Electrical Module
Type1000Base-T RJ45 electrical port
Encapsulation TypeSFP
Port RateFull-duplex 1000 Mbit/s
Reach100 m
Standard ID compliance of the GE optical module
IEEE 802.3z1000BASE-X Gbit/s Ethernet over Fiber-Optic at 1 Gbit/s
SFF-8472Specifications for diagnostic monitoring interface for optical transceivers
Standars ID compliance of the GE electrical module
IEEE 802.3ab1000BASE-T Gbit/s Ethernet over twisted pair at 1 Gbit/s

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