ANVIMUR TELECOMUNICACIONES, is a spanish company based in murcia. we have been serving cable, fibre and wireless operators for over 29 years.


We develop solutions at all levels of enterprise.

Anvimur specializes in projects for operators, designing cable, fibre optic networks and wireless links.  

Our team is highly experienced and has a wide knowledge of digital stream formats (IP).

We train our customers the technical details and workings of the projected devices so that they may have a solid understanding of the management of their own network.

Anvimur designs specific software programs for every company project, adapting to its needs. 


Anvimur possesses a product line up of over 2000 articles.

We hold a permanent stock of a wide range of products in our warehouses, working with leading national and international manufacturers and suppliers in order to be able to carry out any kind of installation or project.  

Material for cable networks.

Head-end equipment for TV, GPON and Internet.

Radio link equipment (Point to Point, Multipoint, User and Professional).

Equipment for FTTH, HFC, Coaxial.

Equipment for Ethernet networks.

End- user Material



Anvimur is at the cutting edge of technology

We are always researching, innovating and developing in order to offer our customers the latest advances in technology.

Together with our partners we develop new ideas in order to improve our customers’ performance.

We investigate new concepts in order to make our solutions more dynamic.

We attend all the important national and International events, shows and trade fairs in order to find out at first-hand about innovative trends in order to be able to better advise our customers.