Terms and Conditions

The purpose of this Legal Notice is to inform users of www.anvimur.com , located at C/ Río Pliego nº 5 bj, Pol. Ind. Cánovas, Murcia, 30010 - Murcia, whose corporate name is ANVIMUR TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.L., which is its policy of protection of privacy and confidentiality of personal data provided freely and voluntarily by its users.

The main purpose of the collection and automated processing of personal data is to be able to serve the products that customers request, or where appropriate, the request for information requested by this way, as well as to send commercial information about our products by email.

The recipients of this information will only be the departments in which ANVIMUR TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.L. is organised, and appropriate collaborating entities for the performance of its functions and corporate purpose (which only access the data in the terms of art. 12 LOPD, without this involving in any case a communication of the data), as well as the transfer to official public or private bodies that require it by law, guaranteeing at all times the most absolute confidentiality of the data we have from our users.
All the fields in the on-line "CONTACT" form marked with an asterisk must be completed in order to be able to send the information requested about our products. In the case of the on-line form for ordering products, if you are not a registered customer it will be necessary to fill in all the fields, *but if you are already a customer, only the fields marked with an asterisk will be obligatory.

The exercise of the rights of access, cancellation, rectification, opposition of the user, to their personal data that are part of our file is guaranteed. To do so, please send your request by e-mail to anvimur@anvimur.com anvimur@anvimur.com or to the postal address C/ Río Pliego nº 5 bj, Pol. Ind. Cánovas, Murcia, 30010 - Murcia.

The website www.anvimur.com has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures, according to the level of data protection security that corresponds to it legally, to guarantee the security of the processing of personal data that make up its automated file. However, the user must be aware that nowadays, security measures on the Internet are not impregnable and therefore the user is not safe from possible illegal and undue intrusions, which would not be the responsibility of ANVIMUR TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.L., as it has acted with due diligence to protect the data as determined by law.

The Web www.anvimur.com makes use of invisible treatments, specifically it uses cookies to identify its users every time they visit it again, so that they do not need to register every time they want to consult our products and news.

The www.anvimur.com website will do everything possible to ensure that your data is always up to date. However, the responsibility for the quality of the data depends on the owner of them, hence if there is any modification of the data the user of the Web will communicate them to the File Manager, declining all responsibility in case of omitting its obligation to notify the changes.

The provision of the service of this Website and the present conditions of Use of the Website are governed by Spanish Law. For any discrepancy in the execution, interpretation or fulfilment of these conditions, the parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Murcia.


Anvimur will receive the customer's order and will process it as soon as possible for delivery. In the event that a requested reference is not available in stock, the customer will be informed and the order will be left pending delivery until the product is received.

Anvimur has a CESCE Risk Company, from which risk is requested for all active customers, as well as for new ones. In the event of risk concession by CESCE, payments may be made by direct debit bills (it is essential to complete the SEPA document), promissory notes, transfer or credit card.

In the event of Risk Refusal by CESCE, the customer must pay the requested order by bank transfer, credit card, etc., and Anvimur will proceed to send the requested material.

In the event of non-payment of any invoice issued, Anvimur will block the account until it is fully settled.

Anvimur reserves the right of ownership of the goods withdrawn until the amount of this invoice has been fully paid.

How to process the warranty of a defective device (RMA)

To process the warranty of a defective product, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please read the Warranty Conditions and Special Arrangements in the IMPORTANT section of the products.
  2. Inform ANVIMUR of the problem or failure of the product, by e-mail to rma@anvimur.com, giving specific explanations of the fault or problem, to try to solve the problem before returning the product, it is not valid to indicate that the product does not work, fails, or any other undefined issue.
  3. Once we have received the information about the problem with the product, if applicable, Anvimur will provide an RMA number, which must be indicated on the package or bundle, without this condition, packages or bundles will not be accepted for repair, exchange or return of the product.
  4. Once you receive the number and the other necessary information you can send the package with the defective material.
  5. The product(s) to be returned must come in its original packaging, as well as all the elements included in the packaging when it was delivered, such as: connection cables, remote control, bags, manuals, etc.
  6. Once Anvimur receives the defective product, it will proceed to check it and, depending on the result, it will proceed to repair it and return it to the customer.
  7. You can indicate the order or delivery note number instead of the invoice number, but in all cases you must specify what you are indicating. Example: Invoice A2014/9999, Order 9999.
  8. Explain in a CLEAR AND DETAILED way the failure of the equipment and indicate the steps that were being carried out when the problem appeared, as well as the checks that may have been made. Also indicate the approximate time in which the problem was seen to appear.     Descriptions such as "it does not work", "it fails", "it has problems"... are NOT valid.

    IMPORTANT Warranty conditions

    In those cases in which the product delivered by the customer does not present any defect, breakdown or malfunction, Anvimur reserves the right to charge the customer for the time taken to check the product.
    The shipping costs of the faulty product shall be borne by the customer and the return or delivery costs shall be borne by Anvimur.
    The guarantee is excluded if:

The breakdown or malfunction of the product has been caused by mishandling, inadequate software, electrical discharges, inclement weather, etc..,

    The breakdown or malfunction of the product is due to improper use by the customer.
    There has been any alteration, modification, unauthorised maintenance or opening of the equipment.

In these cases, Anvimur reserves the right not to carry out any replacement or repair or to charge the customer for the costs derived from the same, as well as the shipping costs (return postage).

    The defective product cannot be replaced by a different model in the warranty process.
    Wear parts are not included in the warranty.


All product lines listed below come with a ONE YEAR warranty:

  1. Professional TV signal processing headends, e.g. Teleste, Cableworld, etc.
  2. OLTs and ONTs for GPON Networks.
  3. Fibre deployment materials in general
  4. Platform servers in general, e.g. IPTV, PSO, etc.
  5. Wireless transmission systems, e.g. Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and Routing and Switching components.
  6. Measuring equipment in general, e.g.: Promax
  7. Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS equipment

The rest of the product lines or families marketed by Anvimur have a TWO YEARS guarantee.

Anvimur reserves the right to modify, include or eliminate any product line that at this time has not been included or is misinterpreted.

Ordering products through the Web site

Placing an order with ANVIMUR TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.L. implies the acceptance of these conditions of sale:


 The products you are interested in are added to your order by clicking on the symbol "Add order", which appears next to each article.

   The price of the product: All prices exclude VAT. Transport costs are always charged separately.

   ANVIMUR TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.L. reserves the right to modify these prices at any time, however, the products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the time of registration of orders (as long as there are stocks).

   *Offers: (If they are valid only for a certain period, please inform us of this. If, on the contrary, they do not have a specific period, we will inform the user that they will be valid as long as they are accessible on the Web).


    Once you add a product to the basket you will be shown a summary of the valued order and information regarding taxes, shipping costs and how many euros the total amount is. At this point you can still make changes to it, both in the quantity of the product and to remove it by clicking on the icons provided for this purpose. If you do not wish to buy more products click "Process Order" otherwise "Continue with Order".

 3º.- LOG IN, ADDRESS AND TRANSPORT (DATA ENTRY): Once you have clicked "Process Order" because you do not wish to buy more products, we will ask you for the necessary data to register you as a customer/user (and when you finally accept the purchase of the product/s to be able to send you the order and, if applicable, issue the corresponding invoice). In any case, in order for the data you provide us with to be included in our file, you must first have accepted our Legal Notice, where we will inform you of our privacy policy.

     At this stage, after providing us with the data, you will be given information about the delivery and billing address. If you agree with them, click on "Process Order", otherwise you can modify them by clicking on the link "Update" or "Add new address". You will then be provided with information on the only shipping method used by ANVIMUR TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.L. If you agree, click on "Process Order".                                  


At this stage you will be shown a summary of your order and information regarding the total amount of euros, taxes and postage (shipping costs). At this point you will still be able to make changes to your order by clicking on the "Modify" icon. You will also be informed that the only method of payment is by bank transfer.

     If you agree with everything you must click to confirm the order, but in order to do so you must first accept the General Conditions and Legal Notice.

*Shipping/Transport costs:

Free shipping from 500€ to anywhere in Spain (Peninsula) and 700€ for the Balearic Islands, for lower orders or different geographical areas will be calculated the volume of transport and destination informing the buyer of this cost, sending a summary of the order with their transport costs to the customer by e-mail.

  *Guarantees and return of the product if not satisfied:

Anvimur Telecomunicaciones, S.L. offers its customers the possibility of evaluating the equipment or solutions purchased during a period of fifteen days from delivery.

During this period, the customer may return the equipment to Anvimur Telecomunicaciones, S.L., in which case they must also request an RMA number using the corresponding form, at their own expense and at their own risk. In this case, Anvimur Telecomunicaciones, S.L., within thirty days from the date of receipt of the product, will reimburse the amount paid for the purchase.

Anvimur Telecomunicaciones, S.L. shall deduct from the amount of the equipment to be refunded the amount corresponding to the costs of pre-configuration, programming and installation services, transport and subsistence, and all after-sales services that have been used, as well as 10% of its value for use and administrative costs.

Anvimur Telecomunicaciones, S.L. shall only accept the return of equipment within fifteen days of its delivery if it is returned in perfect condition and with all its components in their original packaging, and provided that it is not a product manufactured according to specifications or individualisations suggested by the customer.



  ANVIMUR TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.L. will keep an electronic document by means of which the purchase of the products you have selected is formalised, the content of which will be all the information listed in section three (3º), together with the general conditions and Legal Notice that you have accepted. If you wish, you may access this document by clicking on the print icon.



ANVIMUR TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.L. sends you an e-mail confirming receipt of your order, informing you of the acceptance or refusal of the order, your company's method of payment and the date of dispatch of the requested material.