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ANGUILA MAX Ø 4,5 mm Polyester Monofilament twisted 12m


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The best features in two professional ranges for medium-high difficulty installations.

Strong, versatile, for heavy-duty work, Excellent twisting, easy insertion and great durability.

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ANGUILA MAX Ø 4,5mm Polyester Monofilament twisted 12m

Suitable for indoor installations in homes, shops, offices and places where the conduit has a small diameter, the best features in two professional ranges for medium-high difficulty installations.

Innovation, versatility, maximum pushing and twisting strength, minimum friction, maximum flexibility in bends and maximum rigidity in strainght sections, does not split when folding

Friction: Braided material halves friction and has barely any memory effect. Triple braiding (3 monofilaments) is more flexible and has less friction at bends. Monofilament braiding is more rigid..

Twisting strength: It turns very little on its own axis, and therefore transmits twisting strength very well. Monofilament braiding offers better characteristics. This product gives excellent control over the work done. Triple braiding may open slightly with extreme turning.

Pushing strength: Monofilament braiding is more rigid and delivers a greater pushing strength. It does not break when bent and easily regains its original shape without taking any damage. It allows greater distances to be reached.


  • 1 X Standard Flexible Head Ø 6 mm M5
  • 1 X Super Flexible Head Ø13 mm, M5
  • 1 X Fixed Brass Coupling Joint Ø6 mm, M5 - M5 Double Thread
  • 2 X Standard Eyelet Ø6 mm, M5
  • 1 X Brass Eyelet Ø10 mm, M5
  • 1 X Steel Loop Ø6 mm, M5

Main features Friction, Twisting Strength and Pushing Strength




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