PROLITE 41 replacement electrodes


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Spare electrodes for fusion splicer PROLITE-41 (2 units).

replacement is recommended every 2000 fusions

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The electrodes are a staple to make quality optical fiber fusion splices.

The electrodes become worn during use. They have to be periodically replaced every 2000 arcs, otherwise it will affect the result of the fusion of the fiber, which will lead to further losses and decreased resistance fusion of the fiber. When the number of arcs reaches 2000, at power up a reminder message about replacing the electrodes appears. Arc counter must be restarted after changing the electrodes. During operation beware of the electrode tip, as it is sharp.

Replacement procedure:

  1. Press “ ” to turn off the device before the replacement.
  2. Loosen the screw on the cover electrode, then removing the electrode from its location (see picture).
  3. Place the new electrode in place and replace the cover, then tighten the screw.
  4. Check that the two electrodes are in the same horizontal and vertical plane, if not replace.
  5. Switch on the device, select "Change electrodes" in the "Maintenance" menu.
  6. Run 'Detect Settings "in "Maintenance"
  7. Prepare and place fiber in the splicer and execute "Test of Arc" in the "Maintenance" menu.
  8. The change has been completed.

Electrode replacement.