SAT 700-2150Mhz active splitter, 8 outputs


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Active distributor for 700 - 2150 Mhz (SAT) with 8 outputs, F connector

Maintains the level of the input signal thanks to its internal amplifier

With current flow from receiver to LNB

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60,00 €

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SAT 700-2150Mhz active splitter, 8 outputs

The active 8-way splitter allows the signal to be separated without loss (thanks to its internal amplifier) to supply up to 8 receivers. If more than 4 outputs are required, more cascade splitters can be added to give 15.22 or more outputs (even without losses)

The active distributor can be supplied by means of a receiver, through one of the outputs (the others will automatically block the current flow), allowing the current to flow to the LNB.

The unit is watertight, waterproof.

75 Ohms impedance

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