UPS - Antares Rack series 1000VA -10KVA


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UPS - Antares Rack series 1000VA -10KVA

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UPS - Antares Rack series 1000VA -10KVA

POWERTRONIX has launched a new range of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) onto the market with On Line Double Conversion VFI technology .

The Antares Rack UPS series is the ideal solution for applications in a telecom environment, given that it  is designed with a minimum depth that is suitable for 19” rack cabinets. The Antares Rack possesses has an input  power factor that is a leader in the “green” industry. The input harmonics and the high output power factor makes it  the perfect device for the protection against critical overloads.

Unique design for telecom environments.

In order to be able to be adapted to telecom environments, the Antares Rack is designed with a depth that is suitable for its installation in telecom rack cabinets.

On-Line Double Conversion Technology.

The device completely regenerates the mains grid energy and corrects the electric current disturbances at the input. The device provides clean AC current regardless of the input current’s voltage and frequency.

Adjustable display.

The display can be turned for an ergonomic readings regardless of the type of installation chosen ( Tower or Rack)

Simple parallel installation (5Kva ~ 10Kva).

Puede aumentar la capacidad de potencia y configurar los equipos en paralelo redundante simplemente conectándolos entre sí mediante los cables CAN-bus RJ45 situados en la parte posterior del SAI. Este opcional de Kit paralelo debe solicitarse en el pedido.

EPO control.

The Emergency Power Off  allows users to shut down the UPS in case of an emergency in order to guarantee a safe working environment.

Possibility of increasing the autonomy of the UPS.

Standard cabinet batteries are available for increasing the autonomy of the UPS for several hours. Several cabinets can be cascaded.


  • Computers
  • Telecom equipment
  • Servers
  • Security systems
  • Presence control
  • TPV`s


  • 2 year guarantee up to 3,3KVA and 1 year for the rest
  • Batteries are included for 12 months.
  • Guarantee may be extended
  • Maintenance service contract is available