Support base 5 units for monocals Ikusi (power contacts) LTE700


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Support base IKUSI 2220 for 5 units of the SZB Series with power contacts.


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Amplification, Power and FiltersPower source

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Support base 5 units for monocals Ikusi (power contacts) LTE700


  • Amplification, Conversion and Modulation Modules, dim. 190x38x87 mm.    
  • Mounting without tools on wall mounting bases
  • Single-channel and multi-channel TV amplifiers, the latter specially designed for the joint amplification of analogue and digital channels.
  • Input Z demultiplexing and output Z multiplexing.
  • Adjacent channel amplification in the UHF band.
  • FM and DAB radio amplifiers.
  • PLL controlled converters.
  • Input Z demultiplexing.
  • In a station each converter module must be complemented with an output channel amplifier module.
  • FI-Sat Amplifier/Coupler. - Programmable Double Side Band TV Modulators.
  • Feeders from the alternating network, dimensions 215x35x140 mm. Output voltage +24 VDC automatically connected to the RF modules through a power strip incorporated in the base-support.