HD video + power Balun (Transceiver), 2 Unid.


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Passive BALUN (transceiver) for HD video signal via twisted pair

Optimized for HD video: HDTVI / HDCVI / AHD

BNC connector to 8-pin UTP (2 for video signal and 6 for power)

up to 440m range

2 units (transmitter / receiver)

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Passive video and power transceiver through twisted pair, 2 units for transmission and reception, specific for analog high definition (HD).

Optimized for the transmission of video signal and power of 1 high-definition analog HDTVI or HDCVI camera through twisted pair. System consisting of two baluns, one of which acts as a emitter and other as a receiver.

It has a BNC (video) and female (emitter) or male (receiver) connection via jack as well as an RJ45 connector for the UTP cable that interconnects both baluns. Of the 4 pairs of wires in the UTP cable will use 1 pair for video and 3 pairs for power. The data or audio signal transmits through the video carrier wave in analog HD technologies such as HDTVI or HDCVI.

  • Balun (Transceiver)
  • Optimized for HD video: HDTVI / HDCVI / AHD
  • 1 HD channel
  • Power for the camera
  • BNC / UTP 8 pin
  • Video + power
  • Maximum range 190/190 m (720p / 1080p HDTVI), 440/230 m (720p / 1080p HDCVI), 320/250 m (720p / 1080p AHD) and 400 m (CVBS)
  • 2 units (transmitter and receiver)
  • Built-in transient voltage suppressors (TVS) for overvoltage protection
  • Wave filter design and anti-static design
  • Lightning protection design grade: III
  • 60dB crosstalk and noise immunity
  • Exceptional interference rejection