Outdoor Armored Patch Cord 60m, 1 optic fibre G657.A2 - SM9/125


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Single fibre Patch Cord SM 9/125 G657.A2, length 60 meters.

LSZH thermoplastic Outside  + Kevlar yarns + steel armored + 0.9mm tight buffer.

3 mm diameter with a SC/APC connector

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Fiber Optic Patch CordsPre-connected Patchcord

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Pre-connected Steel armored Optical Fibre Patch Cord 60 Meters in length, ideal for direct installations from a distribution box to a subscriber socket panel; perfect for cabling through electric conduits or difficult places, it can be stapled to walls.

It has an exterior Thermoplastic LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) jacket, anti-rodent and strain resistant Kevlar yarns, a steel armored for greater mechanical and rodent protection; and a final layer with a 0.9 mm tight buffer. This assembly gives it a high resistance both to atmospheric and mechanical inclemencies (torsion, over-tensioning, pressure, etc.), in addition to providing excellent anti-rodent protection, With only 3 mm in diameter.

The high protection in all senses makes it especially suitable for outdoor use.

Fibre G657.A2 is especially suitable for FTTx network Access installations (high resistance to dampness and macro-curves) 

Typical values

  • Insertion losses: 0.14 dB
  • Return losses: 67.4dB