Inflatable Shutter CHT ø110


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Inflatable plug for ø110 conduits, for fibre optic cables

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AccessoriesCable ties and Anchor fixings

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The shutter system is designed for sealing between a conduit of an underground duct and the telecommunications cable or other cable, housed inside it, to prevent fluid leakage through the duct to the recording chambers, as well as the entry of mud or dirt into the duct.

The installation process is quick and easy:

    Remove the protective paper from the shutter.
    Apply the Lubricating Soap over the adherent area.
    The cable inserted in the conduit fitted to the walls of the same, this installation can be carried out even if water emanates from the conduit.
    The nozzle of the pressure gun is adjusted on the inflation tube of the obturator
    Pressure up to 3 Bars
    Maintain this pressure of 3 Bar for 30 seconds, to ensure perfect tightness and expansion.
    With a dry pull we will remove the inflation tube from the obturator.