Premium dome splice enclosure up to 552 splices


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Dome enclosure with 6 ports of 10-22 mm for up to 552 Fibers fusion splices, IP68 protection

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Splice closureFiber Optic Splice Closure

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Dome splice enclosure with 4 ports + 2 port for uncut fiber

Cover and base built
with PPM (modified polypropylene copolymer), high impact resistance

(Including Accesories and trays)

The scope of this enclosure is: wall, pole and underground.

The supported temperature range are -40 to 65 ℃.


input/output portsStorage capacity
(single fusion)
Splice traysProtection


L (mm)x Φ


6 ports

2 small ports: Each port for 1 cable with a maximun of 17.5 mm.

2 big ports: Each port for 2 cables with a maximun of 17.5 mm.

2 port for uncut fiber: Each port for 1 cable with a maximun of 22 mm.

552F (46X12 splices)46 trays (12 splices each tray)IP68585xΦ260