Brother Super adhesive P-Touch BLACK ON WHITE text 9mm | 8m


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TZE-S221 Brother 9mm P-Touch Black on White Tape with Extra Strength Adhesive, length 8m
An original Brother P-Touch product at the best price.

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Brother Super adhesive P-Touch BLACK ON WHITE text 9mm | 8m

An product for use with Brother PT-E110, PT-E300 and PT-E550W Industrial Labelling Printer



The laminated Brother P-touch tapes are available in a wide range of colours, widths and types. When choosing a P-touch tape individual personal as well as  the type of application for its use have to be taken into account. We can help you decide which tape is the correct one for each application.

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Applications for the TZe-S221 P-Touch Tape

• Flat smooth surfaces with relief: Router, Switch, Distribution Boxes, Electrical panels, Patch panels, Operator Cabinets, Multi-client cabinets, Shelving, Rack trays, Outdoor cabinets, Customer Access Points, etc.
• Large curved surfaces (more than 8mm diameter) with relief  such as: dome, post and mast Enclosures, etc.


  • Extra Strength Adhesive. Black on white text
  • Length 8m.
  • 9mm wide.
  • High quality genuine Brother cassette.
  • Ensure durable, easily readable results.

General information

Developed for use on rough, irregular, uneven surfaces with relief, these tapes allow you to create a permanent and hard-wearing labelling.  

Brother’s laminated tapes are designed to last even under extreme conditions and are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, sunlight, water, chemical substances and abrasion.

How is it that P-touch laminated labels last longer?

Unlike normal labels, the exclusive technology of the composition of the laminated tape protects the printing with a polyethylene layer.

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