Reusable mechanical connector SC/UPC


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Quick mounting mechanical connector for singlemode fibers (9/125 um) and UPC polish


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Reusable mechanical connector SC/UPC

Quick mounting mechanical connector for singlemode fibers (9/125 um) and UPC polish

  • No Connection kit.
  • Easy assembly without polishing.
  • reusable.
  • Use for F.O. 0.9 mm.

SC/UPC Fast Connector Installation

MontajeConector (1).jpg1. Arrange for a FAOC to assemble

MontajeConector (2).jpg

2. Insert screw cap into optical cable.

MontajeConector (3).jpg

3. Strip the coating of optical cable over 40mm.

MontajeConector (4).jpg

4.Mark the point of 22mm length on the 900㎛buffer using a rule on the polybag.

MontajeConector (5).jpg

5. Strip the coating of 900/250㎛ from the end of 900㎛ to the point of 22mm marked(about 18mm) and clean the fiber using the alcohol and gauze.

MontajeConector (6).jpg

6. Cut off the fiber at the length of 13mm using optical fiber cleaver.

MontajeConector (7).jpg

7. Insert optical cable into the fiber guide on the boot. when it is checked  the bending of cable as above, stop inserting,

MontajeConector (8).jpg

8. And maintaining the cable bending with right hand, push the connecting holder forward to the end and fix the fiber.

MontajeConector (9).jpg

9. Take the boot cover down, connect the screw cap with boot by turning it and make the coating & strength member (yarn) fix.
Cut the yarn with scissor and arrange it.

MontajeConector (10).jpg

10. Turn the protrusion of housing toward the bottom and unite it to the body.

MontajeConector (11).jpg

A.Pull out the housing and then separate them by turning the screw cap

MontajeConector (12).jpg

B. Pull the fiber connecting holder in reverse with procedure 8. And then, pull out the cable and reassemble.