KL500E Fiber optic melter KIT


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KL500E Fiber optic melter KIT

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KL500E Fiber optic melter KIT


Applicable fibers SM MM DS NZDS
Fiber diameter Cladding diameter:80-150μm
Fiber count Single
Fiber cleaved length 8-16mm (Coating diameter:250μm)
Actual average splice loss 0.02dB(SM),0.01dB(MM),0.04dB(DS),0.04dB(NZDS)
Typical splicing time Typical 9 sec (standard SM fiber)
Return loss >60dB
Splicing mode Auto、 Calibrate、 Normal、 Special
Fiber aligning method Meticulous、Core、Clad、Manual
Splicing program 53 (templet), 40(user)
Tube heating program 9 (templet),24(user)
Tube typical heating time Typical 30 sec
Protection sleeve length 60mm, 40mm
Storage of splice result 4000 results, 20 parameter per result
Fiber image magnification 120X (X or Y view),60X (X and Y view)
Battery capacity Typical 300 cycles (splice and tube heating)
Monitor 3.5 inch color LCD monitor
Tension test 2N
Electrode life 2500
Terminal USB
Power supply AC 100-240V with AC adapter DC13.5V Inner Li-battery (5200mAH)
Operating condition 0-5000m above sea level, -10-50℃ Max wind velocity of 15m/s
Dimension 125mm(L)×105mm(W)×113mm(H)
Weight 1.3Kg including battery