EyDFA XGS-PON 64-port x 21 dB WDM laser amplifier JDSU 220V


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64 outputs with a total power of 36 dBm and 21 dBm per port, JDSU laser. 220V

Erbium-Ytterbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EYDFA) to amplify the 1550 nm wavelength with built-in WDM multiplexer 1310/1490/1270/1577 nm for XGS-PON.


Reference: FO-EYDFA64X21-220V

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GPONOptical Transmitters and Amplifiers

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EDFA amplifier, XGS-PON 64 outputs x 21 dB, built-in WDM

EYDFA (Erbium-Ytterbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) amplifier to amplify the 1550nm lambda with built-in 1310/1490/1270/1577nm WDM multiplexer.

Laser and high performance internal amplifier.

  • This EYDFA amplifier (2U) is a high-performance, high-power, low-noise, multi-port op amp with the gain spectrum band within 1545-1563nm.
  • A WDM multiplexer is incorporated in each output port. Each external optical link port of the op-amp can be connected to the XGS-PON/GPON port of the OLT.
  • Each 1550nm (CATV) optical output port is multiplexed with 1310/1490/1270/1577 nm, in order to reduce component count and improve system reliability.

Redundant Power Supply

  • Two high quality power supplies (hot-pluggable), can work under 90V~265VAC or-48VDC.

Working Features

LCD display for working information and configuration, key to cut the Laser input/output power, automatic output amplification control, SNMP and Web management for remote configuration of the equipment.

* The equipment can come with different configurations of input/output connectors (LC, SC), standard SC/APC on all ports.


  • 2.1 Optional optical switch: Single/dual input to choose, built-in optical switch for dual input, switching power can be adjusted by button on front panel or by SNMP web, can set threshold and select manually or automatically.
  • 2.2 Output adjustable:Output adjustable by buttons on front panel or by SNMP web, the range is down 4dBm. One-time attenuation maintenance function down 6dBm by buttons on the front panel or SNMP web, to facilitate hot-plug fiber optic operation without powering off the device.
  • 2.3 Optional output port number: Maximum 64 ports, with built-in WDM 1310/1490/1550/1270/1577.
  • 2.4 SNMP:Standard RJ45 port for remote control, provides web management function.
  • 2.5 Laser key:With laser key, you can turn on/off the laser.
  • 2.6 RF test:With RF test function.(According to customer's requirement).
  • 2.7 High quality laser:The laser adopts imported new laser Lumentum(JDSU) and Ⅱ-Ⅵ from USA, Fitel from Japan, to ensure stable performance.
  • 2.8 Perfect warning mechanism: microprocessor to monitor the laser working status, and LCD display the device function and failure warning on the front panel, etc.
  • 2.9 Dual power supply guarantee: high quality power supply (optional hot-plug), can work under 90V~265VAC or-48VDC.

OLA Series 1550nm high power fiber amplifier adopts two-stage amplification, the first stage adopts low-noise EDFA, the second stage adopts high-power EYDFA, the total output optical power can reach 41dBm. It can replace several or dozens of EDFA, which can greatly reduce the cost of network building and maintenance and reduce the space of head-end. Each output port is built in with CWDM to multiplex CATV signal and OLT PON Data flow. The device will play an increasingly important role in the process of continuous extension and expansion of optical fiber network. It provides a high stability but low cost solution for the triple-play and large area coverage of FTTH.

Optional dual fiber inputs, in fact, built-in with a set of complete optical switch system , which can be used as the backup of A and B optical path. When the main optical line fails or lower than the threshold value, the device will automatically switch to the standby optical line to ensure the continuous operating of the device. The product is mainly used in optical fiber ring network or redundant backup network, It is featured in short switching time (< 8ms), low loss (< 0.8dbm ), and  can be forced manually switched.