PROLITE-67: Selective optical power meter for FTTx-xPON


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Selective meter in 1310-1490-1550 nm wavelength and optical measures in RFoG and xPON networks

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GPONMeasuring and Testing

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Medidor de potencia óptica PROLITE-67

  • Ease of use: Plug and Play!
  • Avoid confusing input ONT for OLT
  • intuitive graphical environment
  • simple indication: Pass or Fail the Test

Optimized for all phases of the network:

  • Construction / Installation
  • Service activation
  • Maintenance / incidents

MODE 1: Selective Meter by wavelength: 1310-1490-1550 nm

  • Simultaneous measurement for three wavelengths (1310/1490/1550 nm) generated by the PROMAX triple laser source in order to certificate fiber optics.
  • Analysis of the signal level (Pass / Fail) according to thresholds 
    editable by the user.
  • Absolute and Relative measures display.

MODE 2: Optical measurements on active networks xPON and RFoG

  • Measurement of the upstream bandwidth (ONT):
    Burst detector calibrated at 1310 nm (PON) and 1610 nm (RFoG).
  • Measurement of the downstream bandwidth (OLT):
    Selective measurement by wavelength. 1490 / 1550 nm.

Múltiples instrumentos en un solo equipo:

Medidor de Pérdidas y Potencia (Optical Loss Test Set)

Power & Loss meter (Optical Loss Test Set)

Combined with Triple laser source PROLITE-105 automatically and simultaneously measures the optical power losses at the three wavelengths to certify the installation.

Medidor de pérdidas y potencia
proper installationOK
inproper installationFAIL

FTTH-GPON Power Meter (GPON Meter)

In this mode the device connects in "pass-through" mode, without service interruption, allowing the ONT and OLT communicate with each other without hindrance and be able to simultaneously measure the strength of the upstream and downstream signal.

Ideal tanto para la activación de servicio como para mantenimiento
Warning: ONT / OLT excessive level Atención
Pass: ONT correct levelOK
Fail: ONT insufficient levelFallo

Different thresholds, maximum and minimum may be established, for each direction and for different locations.

Configure the downstream channel: You can adjust the OLT port at 1550 nm to measure and determine the power level of the video signal by radio frequency (RFoG). You can also assign other wavelengths for use the device in other optical networks.

Optical Return Loss

When light is injected into a fiber optic network, not all the light reaches the edge of the network. This is because each element of infrastructure absorbs a fraction of the energy and also reflects some of the energy. Even the optical fiber itself reflects a portion of the energy. The ratio between the incident power and reflected power is called ORL (Optical Return Loss) and is measured in dB. The higher the ORL best results will be obtained from the network. Medidor de pérdidas de retorno óptico

When the fraction of reflected energy is high, or as ORL is low, fluctuations can arise in the power of the laser output, as well as a fall in speed and a rise in the error rate (BER).

Visual Fault Locator

The 650 nm built-in visible laser is ideal for locating at a glance any damage or abnormality in the fiber, or the interconnections.

Localizador visual de fallos
The optical power meter PROLITE-67 injects a very bright red laser beam for visually locate where the failures are

Keeps a record of the measurements of each installation.

  • It allows for the storage of up to 100 registers in the device’s memory.

  • Each register groups the measurements of the three wavelengths with date, time of capture, location and status with respect to the thresholds.

  • Through the USB port records are transferred directly to the PC.

Gama PROLITE para fibra óptica