ODF 72 Ports SC DX y 144 Fusiones 4U


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Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

4U Optical distribution frame, for 144 optic fibres with 72 SC Duplex adaptors and 6 trays for 24 Fusion splices each.

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Fiber Optic DistributionRacks Distribution

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ODF 72 Ports SC DX y 144 Fusiones 4U

The active 4-way Splitter allows to split the signal with no loss (thanks to its internal amplifier) to feed up to 4 receivers. If more than 4 outputs are required, you can add more splitters cascaded to give 7, 10, 13 or more outputs (still with no signal loss)

The active splitter can be powered by a receiver, through Outputs, leaving the current pass to the LNB.

The unit is waterproof sealed, waterproof.

* Include 72 adapters SC/APC Duplex.