Coaxial Cable Reel Ø10mm, 11.5dB, 305M copper, black.


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Coaxial Cable Reel 305mts, with copper center conductor, color black.

Ø10mm, 11.5dB, RG11.

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Coaxial Cable Reel Ø10mm, 11.5dB, 305M copper, black.


These cables are used for transmitting RF signals and for sending voice, data and video. Used in installations according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) and NFPA 70. Also used for satellite cable installation.


  • Copper-coated steel
  • Foam (injected gas) attached to the central conductor
  • Dielectric bonded aluminium tape
  • Aluminium braiding
  • Polyvinyl chloride coating

Electrical characteristics::

  • Nominal Impedance: 75 ohms.
  • Rated Propagation Speed: 85%.
  • Structural Return Loss min 5 - 1000 MHz: -20 dB.


  • VAIN: black PVC flame retardant
  • THIRD SHIELDING (APA): APA laminated tape shield. Minimum separation force of jacket 3 lb per foot of cable.
  • SECOND SHIELDING: 34AWG aluminium wire mesh.
  • FIRST SHIELDING (APA): Aluminum/Polymer/Aluminum. The flap is attached for maximum insertion of the connector.
  • DIELECTRIC: Foamed polyethylene of closed cell structure.
  • CENTRAL DRIVER ATTACHED TO THE DIELECTRIC: Resists a minimum force of 15 lbs on a length of 2" in compliance with SCTE STANDARD 74 2011.
  •  CENTRAL CONDUCTOR: Copper-plated steel.