PON Power Meter EXFO PPM-352C-EA-EUI91


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Highly versatile handheld power meter that enables quick, on-site testing of all PON signals, anywhere on the network.

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GPONMeasuring and Testing

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The Frontrunner Now Runs Even Faster

When FTTH was first deployed, EXFO was there to test it, namely by pioneering the concurrent upstream/downstream measurement technique via a pass-through connection. In fact, the EXFO-pioneered PPM-350 series, which quickly established itself as the clear-cut leader in the PON power meter market—over 21 000 units have been sold until now—has played an important part in major FTTH deployments worldwide.

Since then, we have developed our instrument even more to provide you with the best PON power meter yet. The PPM-350C enables quick, on-site testing of all PON signals, anywhere on the network. Its new workflow management capabilities and enhanced ruggedness will increase the efficiency of your daily deployment activities.

Moreover, its visual fault locator port allows for easy fiber identification and macrobend location. This handheld unit also features pass/warning/fail LED indicators with user-defined thresholds.

Reliable Performance, Whether the Elements Agree or Not

Thanks to its enhanced weatherproof design and straightforward user interface, and building on the strength of its predecessor, the PPM-350B, the PPM-350C PON Power Meter establishes a new FTTx testing benchmark. It delivers fast, reliable results, even when used in cold, wet or windy conditions.


  •     BPON, EPON and GPON configurations
  •     Service activation and troubleshooting
  •     Data storage and reporting capabilities

Key features

  •     Concurrent measurement of all PON signals, anywhere on the network
  •     Innovative workflow management, for boosted test routine efficiency
  •     Enhanced rugged and weatherproof design
  •     Protected data format, for guaranteed test result authenticity