1550nm optical transmitter , 6 dB double output


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Optical transmitter converts the RF signal (coaxial) to optical signal (PON) in the 1550 nm wavelength.

AGc/MGC (Automatic/Manual Gain Control)

Direct modulation

Two 6dB optical output power.

Redundant Power supply

useful for transmitting CATV through the GPON network.

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GPONOptical Transmitters and Amplifiers

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The transmitting modules of this machine adopt the imported DFB laser from SEI manufacturer.

The internal RF amplifier and controlling circuit of this machine can ensure the best C/N. The perfect and stable circuit of optic power output and controlling circuit of thermoelectric refrigeration device of laser module assure the user best quality and stable working for a long time.

The internal micro-processor software has many functions such as laser monitoring, number display, trouble alarm and on-line management..

Once the working parameter of the laser is out of the fixed range, therewill be a red light glistening to alarm.

The RS-232 standard connector makes it is posiible to manage online and monitor in another place.

The machine adopts 19" standard shelf and it can work with the voltage from 110V to 254V


  • Low chirp, high linearity DFB laser
  • Dual module RF driver, high efficient laser pre-distortion adjustment
  • Perfect APC, ATC closed loop control
  • Intuitionistic modulation status display
  • Casing temperature auto-control, ensure the long life of the laser
  • 2 x 6dB optic Outputs
  • Redundant Power supply


Model (ST1550I)-04-06-10-12
Optic Power (mW)461012
Optic Power (dBm)

Optic Wavelength (nm)

1550 ± 20
Fiber ConnectorFC/APC, SC/APC, SC/UPC (Selected by the Customer)
Working Bandwidth (Mhz)47~862
CNR (dB)≥51
CTB (dB)≥65
CSO (dB)≥65
RF Input Level (dBµV)Not with pre-distorsion78±5
With pre-distorsion83±5
Band Unflatness≤0.75
Power Loss (W)≤30
Power Voltage (V)220V(110~254)*
Working Temp (ºC)-20~85
Size (mm)483x370x44

*:Option available with power to -48 V on request