EyDFA Amplifier Multi-ports 8 port 19dB


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EYDFA Amplifier (Erbium-Ytterbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) for amplifying the 1550nm wavelength with CWDM built-in.

8 outputs with 38 dBm total power, 19 dBm each port. Ideal to amplify and multiplex to a single optical output the signal from a CATV optical transmitter (1550nm) with the signal from the OLT (1310 / 1490nm)

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EyDFA Amplifier Multi-ports 16 port 19dB

This EYDFA amplifier (2U) is a low noise, high performance, FTTP high power, multi-ports optical amplifier with gain spectrum band within 1530-1565nm. Each output port for optical amplifier has built-in well-performed WDM . Every external up-link optical port of optical amplifier can connect with OLT PON port very conveniently. Each 1550nm(CATV)'s output optical port multiplex 1310/1490n's data stream, in order to reduce the quantity of the component and improve the index and reliability of the system.

This optical amplifier can be compatible with any FlTx PON Technology. It offers a flexible and low-cost solution for three-network integration and Fiber to the Home.


  • The OLAHW is a fiber amplifier and power supply integrated in a 1RU&2RU shelf. Multiple output ports can be chose. It has been designed for CATV and the passive optical network(PON) applications including HFC and RFoG.
  • The OLAHW incorporates electrical control circuitry wit a digital signal processor and includes photodiodes for monitoring the optical input and output power through tap couplers.
  • Adopt EYDFA technology, applied to triple-play and FTTH system.
  • Multi outputs, insert CWDM, OLT PON input and output port installed on front panel.
  • Double cooling system can protect the pump laser to work in a long time.
  • RJ45 and RS 232 port, SNMP management system.
  • Good stability, VFD displays the working conditions, good trouble alarm system.

Technical specifications

CATV Wavelength Range (nm)


OLT Input Wavelength (nm)


Output power stability (dB)


Optical return loss (dB)


CATV Fiber connector


OLT Fiber connector


Noise ratio (dB)

<5.0(0dBm optical input)


RJ45(SNMP) 、RS232

Power loss (W)


Working Voltage (V)


Working Temp (ºC)


Size (mm)