Optical Xplorer OX1 EXFO Optical Multimeter


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First optical fiber multimeter Optical Xplorer OX1 EXFO (OFM) on the market, capable of automatically finding and analyzing faults. Saves time by scanning and validating link quality in seconds, assigning a ratio of one to five stars using the EXFO function Advisor™ (patented) using sophisticated algorithms at the touch of a button.

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Optical Xplorer OX1 EXFO Optical Multimeter

Main functionalities:

Don't waste time with good links

  • In less than 5 seconds, the patented EXFO Fault function Xplorer™ will inform you of insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL) and good link length.
  • In case the link has a problem, EXFO Fault Xplorer™ spends more time automatically exploring and analyzing the link, showing you the location of the problem event, thus eliminating any doubt while saving measurement time.

Validate the quality of your link in seconds and get ratios of 1 to 5 stars.

  • With the patented EXFO application Advisor™, technicians can benefit from EXFO's more than 30 years of experience in fiber optics and sophisticated algorithms at the touch of a button, assigning link quality ratios based on industry best practices. It analyzes the health of the link and indicates how efficient and robust it is.

Avoids maintenance costs

  • The PRO versions of the OX1 have lifetime calibration (every 10 years) thanks to its patented EXFO Click-Out™ optical connector, which is field replaceable. This helps technicians have fewer work stoppages associated with equipment calibrations, repairs and maintenance. Field replaceable battery is also available.

Link Mapper functionality

  • If in addition to everything described, the technician wants even more, the PRO versions have the added functionality EXFO Link Mapper that is able to show you also the location of good events (greater than 0.15dB). Its purpose is more for documentation after a repair or to be able to better position a bad event that is among other good and not have only the data of the distance of the bad event.

Other functionalities

  • The equipment can also be used as laser source and conventional power meter.

Included as standard 4 Models available Optical Xplorer 0X1 EXFO:

For installation:

  • OX1-I: 1310/1550nm.
  • OX1-I-PRO: 1310/1550nm, EXFO Click-Out™ connector (patented) and Link Mapper function.

For maintenance: 

  • OX1-M: 1650nm with internal filter.
  • OX1-M-PRO: 1650nm with internal filter, EXFO Click-Out™ connector (patented) and Link Mapper function.

Important Advantages:

  • Any single-mode point-to-point link up to 40km.
  • Installation of FTTx networks (last mile).
  • Activation and maintenance of FTTx networks, measures in service.
  • Checking the state of health of a link.
  • Measurements of length, IL and ORL of a link.
  • Location of a broken link.
  • Identification and location of splices, connectors and macrocurvatures.